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VJMC New Zealand promotes the enjoyment of vintage Japanese motorcycles more than fifteen years old. Members are dedicated to preserving, restoring and riding these amazing old bikes. The club organises regular bike shows and rallies around New Zealand.

(Here's the unofficial version)...

The New Zealand section of the VJMC was started and has been run since its inception in 1989 by Ross and Judy Charlton of Paekakariki. Many years ago there was NO internet and very little in the way of home PCs.

Two strokes were more powerful than the equivalent size four strokes and twin shocks were normal. Fairings were for the European racers. How times have changed!

It was due to great effort, pen and paper, toll calls and the like, that Ross, with the help of Judy started the club all those years ago. Times have changed so the club has adapted and changed as well.
It is still run by volunteers - mainly Judy!

Today, the objectives of the VJMC NZ club are still the same. Bikes over 15 years are deemed to be suitable. In reality we are a 'PC bunch' and if you want to bring along your 2013/14 Hayabusa, we will be more than happy to see you join up with us, chew the fat and have a drink.

We are a fairly informal group, and we have local rides and displays as time and events permit,
including a yearly get together, the odd BBQ and a national rally. Recently we have held rallies both in the populated North Island and in the more scenic South Island, with much less traffic, better scenery and roads (a must do).

You are welcome to come along to any event, get together, BBQ or the National March Rally.
It does not matter if you do not have a motorcycle over 15 years old. We may take the mickey if you arrive in a tin top (car), but all in jest. Come along to reminisce, ride and enjoy how good the motorcycles were or were not in their day and today.

For further information, please email via the contact form to get in touch.

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